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Design Parking for CADian

16.000 Ft + ÁFA ( 20.320 Ft )
Cikkszám: 030XX-3
Raktári állapot: Raktáron
Design Parking program modul


Digital Terrarian Modeling

Design Parking is available for CADianข็ or IntelliCADข็. Design Parking is a complete parking stall program. Design Parking draws standard parking stalls, wheel chair accessible stalls and a combination of both. Design parking is versatile, you may customize the appearance of your parking stalls. All the options are available to create a parking lot layout to suit you own needs. You have the options to add parking blocks, place striping along either side of the accessibility stalls or even add a sign symbol to the accessibility stalls.
Easy to use 
Design Parking draws stalls in the direction that you are driving through the parking lot, you never have to guess where the stalls will appear. Design Parking is dialog box driven so it is easy to make changes on the fly.
Design Parking draws parking stalls at any angle.
Design Parking draws radial parking stalls.
Whether you are creating a new parking lot or matching stalls to an existing parking lot, Design Parking has the tools to do a fast and professional job.
Design Parking not only draws parking stalls, it also keeps track of the number of stalls in the drawing. At the click of a button Design Parking gives you the total number of stalls (standard and accessibility). You always know the total regardless of how large the parking lot.
Design Parking is Trademark CogoSoftware


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